How much house can I buy?

I am glad you found this page on my website and want to learn more about buying a home and how downpayment assistance can help with closing cost expenses. My company works with a handful of lenders in the area that specialize in these programs to help you achieve the American dream of homeownership. Most people refer to down payment assistance as the “first time homebuyer program”. Down Payment assistance by definition is financial assistance that a borrower can use to either cover closing cost expenses or use as downpayment on a mortgage or both. Many do not know that NC has down payments assistance programs available.

Some myths are:

  • you must be a first time homebuyer
  • it is only for low income residents
  • the loan process is hard to understand
  • too good to be true

Some facts:

  • it is a opportunity for you to buy more house
  • financial resources that is government backed
  • the advisors are licensed Mortgage professionals with NC state approval.

I would love to help you just as I have for many other individuals and families. Information and resources are critical to completing any goal. Let’s talk!