Working directly with the listing agent will get the buyer a better deal

Many people today figure that with real estate listings published online, the buyer’s agent’s role is irrelevant. By searching and researching independently, buyers going directly to the listing agent assume they can negotiate a better deal by cutting out the middleman—the buyer’s agent.

The role of the buyer’s agent was never solely about accessing listings, of course. A good buyer’s agent has always had their feet on the street and keeps a finger on the market’s pulse. They know the comps and the other agents, so they can add an incredible amount of value simply through sharing their experience and knowledge.

Buyers, left to their own devices, “don’t know what they don’t know.” A good buyer’s agent can step in, track the buyer’s process and help uncover some of the unknowns about a particularly house, an agent or the market in general. A good agent has years of market and transaction experience in their head.

Additionally, the seller is going to pay the commission whether or not there’s a buyer’s agent. For the buyer, then, there’s rarely any savings by going without an agent. Instead, the listing agent simply makes double the commission. There’s no savings to the seller, either, when the buyer doesn’t have an agent.

Also, by having a listing agreement with the seller, the listing agent is looking out first and foremost for the seller’s interests, not the buyer’s. By working with an agent (at no cost), the buyer gets an advisor/advocate working to represent their best interests.